Mountain Magic Massage
Professional Massage with Heather Rasch, LMT

Benefits of Massage


Massage therpy is not only relaxing for the body, it also releases tension in the mind and promotes and enhances wellness. Some of the many benefits of massage include:-

~ Relaxes muscle tention relieving stiffness and soreness

~ During injury rehabilitation reduces stress, relieves pain and facilitates     healing    

~ Promotes deep relaxation, may relieve or reduce insomnia

~ Relieves mental and physical fatigue, renewing energy and ambition

~ May relieve headaches by relaxing stiff muscles and increasing blood flow to headache area

~ Satifies the need for caring and nurturing touch

~ Facilitates easier, more complete breathing

~ Improves circulation of blood and lymph

~ Stimulates the lymphatic system helping to release toxins

~ May aid in weight reduction by increasing blood flow to adipose tissue

~ Helps increase range of motion and flexibility

~ Makes one feel absolutely wounderful!!