Mountain Magic Massage
Professional Massage with Heather Rasch, LMT


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I recieve a massage?

Massages help you for many reasons!  They help you on a physical and emotional level.  Whether you want to relax, unwind, and release stress or whether you wish to release soreness and tension in your body, or heal from a recent work or sports injury. Even if you're feeling wonderful without stress or tension, massage helps you keep a healthy blood pressure, tones your muscles and releases toxins from your body! There are many health benefits to a monthly massage! See the benefits of massage link for more info!

What do I wear for my massage or do I undress completely?

For a chair massage, cranio sacral or reiki you may leave your clothes on, loose comfortable clothes are best.  For most massages,you will undress and you will be fully draped under the sheets.  How much you undress is a matter of personal preference. You may undress completely or you may leave your under garments on. I leave the room while you get on and off the massage table. 

Do we talk during my massage?

Since your massage is your special time, that is mostly up to you. I may check in periodically to check on the pressure or gain clarity on the areas we are working.  You may choose to enter a state of deep relaxation, almost a lucid dream state and speak only a few words are spoken during the entire session.  Or you may choose to stay engaged in conversation which is okay too as I'm a good listener.

Will I feel sore the day after my massage?

Usually not, yet occasionally you will after the deep tissue massage.  If you do feel sore the next day, it is usually referred to as a good sore as it is part of the healing process as your body is readjusting from the toxins and adhesions which have been released.  Drinking plenty of water usually helps immensly as do arnica and vitimin C.  If you have issues, just call and I'll offer more advice.

How often should I get a massage?

That depends on your situation. A monthly massage is excellent for general health maintenance.  Weekly and biweekly massages are excellent for helping release specific areas of stress and tension.  If you've had an accident or injury, your physician may recommend massage two or three times a week for a month and massages weekly or biweekly after that.  During our initial intake, we will go over your needs and develop a treatment plan. 

Do you work on children?

Yes, with parental consent, I massage children and teenagers.  I also teach infant and child massage.

What is the tapping you do during the massages?

The tapping is called tapotment.  Tapotment quickly stimulates and relaxes the muscle fibers causing them to let go and relax. Tapping may also be used during a hot stone massage to send a vibration into the deeper layers of muscle. I jokingly call this my stone-age healing technique.

Which type of massage do you recomemend?

Depends on your needs! The Swedish massage is wonderful for your first visit as is the Luxurious massage sampler! The ultimate deep tissue massage is amazing if you have many issues going on, or want a longer and deeper session.  We could do a brief consult, to help you detirmine which massage is best for you!

Can I go back to work or be physically active after my massage?

Absolutely! Although the massge is very relaxing, you will feel refreshed and ready to go about your day when you are done with your session.  Depending on your physical needs, however, there are times when it is best for one to rest afterwards.  Yet my goal is to help you live life to the fullest, so don't feel like you'll need to rest all day after your massage!

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, you may pay with cash, check, major credit cards or with your health savings account.

Will my health insurance cover massage, and will you bill it?

Many health insurance companies will cover massage therapy due to its many therapeutic benefits. Since massage helps with injury rehabilitaion, I do bill auto insurance, workerscomp and personal injury claims. Best to have a doctor's referal.  I also bill Cigna and the Kenai Peninsula Borough insurance.  I bill other health insurance companies with preapproval from your provider. Also, I am always happy to write you a receipt which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Do you accept tips?

Tips are accepted and greatly appreciated though certainly not expected.  Since massage therapy is both a spa service and a medical/healing service, tipping can go either way.